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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Mateo Llano Naranjo
Bernardo Murillo
August 23, 2012
The Vietnam War
I. Introduction
II. The spread of communism
III. The U.S intervention
A. Death
B. Problemsamong soldiers
C. Anti-war movements
IV. Conclusion

The Vietnam War
Fear started The Vietnam War. The United States were frightenedabout a communist spread across Asia. Ho Chi Minh gained control of the northern part of Vietnam, dividing the country in two sides. The United States had to stick their hands in Vietnam to stopcommunism in the peak of the Cold War. Their intervention caused many problems. Many people were against this terrible war. If history has taught us something, is that The United States are always puttingtheir hands into other people´s problems. This is precisely what happened in Vietnam. The ending was bitter for the United States.
The Cold War has happening and communism was spreading across theworld. The United States couldn’t let this happen. So they made their first approach in 1955 led by president Dwight D. Eisenhower. He supported the non-communist part of Vietnam, South Vietnam. In 1961,John F. Kennedy thought that if Vietnam had communism, it would spread throw out Asia. Something had to be done. The U.S started sending troops.
The United States were getting more and moreinvolve in the war. The following years, troops were being sent by President Lyndon B. Johnson. As time passed, more U.S soldiers were stationed in Vietnam. They had orders to kill as many Vietnamese asthey could. Many atrocities were committed, such as the killing of innocent civilians and bombings in several areas. The U.S managed to bring 500,000 American soldiers to Vietnam. Many people werekilled.
Another problem caused by the Americans sticking their hands in Vietnam was the psychological effects on American soldiers. The American soldiers suffered from many problems. Problems like...
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