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GIA OF INGLES Gustavo G. F. C.


Hello aron
Hi tavo
Mmmm comon
A the games
But not Money
Yes not Money
Mmm ok
Mm yes comon
Hello Alexis
Hi tavo hi aronMmm comon a the games Alexis
Tavo mmm and the futbol
Aron yes
Alexis yes

1 Cuestion guord

Toc toc toc
Tavo who
Alexis i am
Tavo a a yes mm

2 mother tavo
tavo what
mothera eat
tavo yes

3 tanya tavo
tavo what
tanya comon
tavo where
tanya a the shopin

4 mali ¿comon? Gustavo G. F. C.

Tavo aw here
M m a the shopin
T how
M a the shopin
T a okyes

Can cant

I a can run

You caneat

He cant swiming

I can pley video games

I can play the guitar

I can help people

I cant eat

Yesi can runing much

She cant go to themovies

I can go to the party

What time is Gustavo G. F. C.

1:30 its half past one

9:00 its nine o clock

3:30 its holf past tree

1:00 its one o clock

12:00 itstwelveo clock

10:30 its holf past ten

2:30 its half past two

do does

yess do swimin my father

no does he

yes do eat

yes does she eat

no do you runing

yes do we my frendsyes does he is the goood

do you like to music

what do you prefer

all kind do you like rock
Gustavo G. F. C.

i am is are

1.- I am a student

2.- Ari is my mother3.- They are my grup

4.- I am tall

5.- It is my dog

6.- We are the house on the roc

7.- I am tavo

8.- Mali is my aunt

9.-Rita and Checo are my grandpha

10.- I am important

11.-Sergio is my cousin

12.- We are very nice

13.- I am Fast

14.-Terry is my dog

15.- They are my famili

16.- I am intelligent

17.-Gustavo is my father

18.- we are Worker

19.- Iam crazy Gustavo G. F. C.

20.- My house is beutiful

21.-They are swingers

22.- I am small

23.- the dog is fat

24.- They are crazy

25.- I am ungry

26.- the flouer is nice...
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