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all animals must be cared for by humans because we are all living beings and can be useful in the world but rather to care for them we hurt and that's why there somany endangered animals and are also endangered by predators.


Spider monkeys get their name for their extremely long, spidery limbs and prehensile tail, which acts like afifth limb and is used for suspensory feeding. The coat colour of the black-handed spider monkey varies from light buff to reddish-brown or black depending on the subspecies, and, as the common nameimplies, the hands and feet are usually black. The face is hairless, with un-pigmented skin around the eyes and muzzle.

The Oden Frog

Panama's golden frog (Atelopus zetecki). Unlike otherfrogs, the Panama golden frog lacks eardrums and communicates by waving its hands. In many parts of Panama this frog is considered a good luck charm and
people collect it from the wild to put in theirhomes. This custom further threatens a species already suffering from the killer chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis), an infectious skin disease now found in frog populations around theworld.
The Harpy Eagle


The Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) is one of the largest of all eagles. Measuring about 37 inches (88 cm) tall and weighing up to 18 pounds (8 kg) for females, and upto 16 pounds (7 kg) for men, harpy eagles have powerful claws that grow to about 5 inches (12cm) long.

Sea Turtle

Chased by collectors and offered in luxury restaurants.Scarlet Macaw

Imported in large quantities to the USA.

The Agouti Paca

The agouti paca is a rodent mammal terrestrial and night can be located in certain areas ofundisturbed forest in the country. Full-bodied and voluminous head has thick fur rather rigid, with its chocolate-colored tops, marked with four longitudinal white stripes on each side of the body.

It is...
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