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Probability is a hard and difficulty subject in integrated algebra. Probability is a number from 0 to 1that tells how likely it is fora certain event to take place. During the lesson about probability I learned various things many of these things included formulas, different type ofprobabilities and how probability is classified in words according to the percentage or fraction.
One of the things that I learned during the lesson is that theformula for probability is number of favorable outcomes number of possible outcomes , for example if you wanted to know the probability of getting a 5 or 6 if youroll a die once you the fraction would be 2 6or 13 the two meaning that there is only 2 favorable outcomes and the 6 meaning that there is a total of 6 possibleoutcomes. I also learned that in a probability problem the word or mean to add and the word “and” in a probability question means to multiply. Another thing thatI learned is that when solving “or” questions in probability add the possibilities together and if necessary subtract the inter sections (Inter section being thenumber of favorable outcomes that go under both sets) of 2 sets. I also learned two types of probability which are empirical probability which I based on variousexperiments and theoretical probability which is based on formulas for probability. In empirical probability the more trials in your experiments the more reliableyour empirical experiment will be. Finally I learned the basis for classifying probability in words, like 100% and 1 would be definitely, 50 %< p (probability)
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