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  • Publicado : 7 de mayo de 2011
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G identifying the problem within a social context
First of all for the criteria G I research about social problems that were occurring during the time I starmy criteria G that was on November 09. After a long research I found out that many people were without employee and also that some companies doesn’t havevirtual advertisement for all over the world. I search for a company that need advertisement and I find the company named Silplas. This company was created by CarlosAlberto Silva so I arranged a meeting with him to talk about what he sells and the problems that we are seeing know days. Finally we get to the point that weneed a kind of advertisement for all his products and also where people without work can see the purpose of Silplas and had a chance to work in there.
HAnalysis And feasibility Study
The development of criteria H also required me time of investigation. As the solution for the problem I planned in criteria G was tocreate a website or a virtual magazine I have to study the different programs that exist to realizes these two things.. I see that if I want to created a virtualmagazine I need to do it in PDF format, by using PDF format I study all the advantages and disadvantages that it will exist, also I search for differentprograms that know days help me to created a good website searching also for their advantages and disadvantages. After having all these information I went to CarlosSilva the boss of Silplas and show the two possibilities, finally we agree on making a website in a good source to created websites.
Criteria I
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