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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2011
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In The Reader of Books, Matilda is truly an unusual child and though despised by her parents, taught herself to read at the age of three, and was soon reading the finest authors of the world.

InMr Wormwood, the Great Car Dealer, Matilda’s father explains to her son how he manages the cars and manipulates them to make them look and seem newer to buy it a diddle the customers, ignoringMatilda’s complaints and when she tries to read a book instead of watch TV while having dinner, her father gets mad at her and don’t allow her to read it.

In The Hat and the Superglue, Matilda takesher father’s hat and put Superglue on it, so that when he takes it, it sticks to his head and has to wear it all day long, even to sleep, and the following morning he has to cut his head to take it off.In The Ghost, Matilda decides to punish her father because he got mad at her and broke her book. She talks to a friend of her that has a parrot and takes the parrot to her house and hide it inthe chimney, so that night the parrot talked and made her family believe that there was a ghost in the dining-room.

In Arithmetic, Mr Wormwood teaches his son to add up and tests his intelligence.Matilda does the adding using a neither paper nor pencil and her father gets mad at her because he thinks that she has cheated and doesn’t believe she is that smart.

In The Platinum-Blond Man,Matilda punishes her father again by adding her mother’s hair-dyer in his father hair lotion’ bottle, so that her father’s hair goes blond and he gets afraid about it coming out.

In Miss Honey,Matilda goes to school for her first time and her teacher, Miss Honey, tests her and amazes when she realises about Matilda doing complicated multiplications, spelling and reading.

In TheTrunchbull, Miss Honey talks to the Headmaster, Miss Trunchbull because she wants to place Matilda to the top form, with the eleven-years-old because she thinks that In the first form she will be bored and...
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