Matrimonios gays

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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There has been controversy about same sex marriages, whether they should be allowed or not. Personally, I disagree with this kind of matrimony, because it goes against what I believe is ethical.Government laws as well as God’s laws and nature, oppose same-sex marriages, for if they should exist, there would be no need for different genders. God created man and woman, to be joined and form theperfect couple. Mother Nature also agrees with this life style, and when it is challenged, it castigates with diseases which lead to death. However many people are unaware of how same-sex marriagesaffect agree upon them being consummated.
In God's laws, homosexuality is a sin, and if we define sin, it means going against God’s laws and will.   From the beginning, God created man and woman, sothat they may be joined and become one, husband being the male, with wife being the female.  This union helped to continue God's creation by multiplying, with children.  That is why God blesses thesexual relationship between husband and wife, being the only kind of sexual relationship He authorizes.  God condones any other kind of sexual relationship, making homosexual relationships end up as a sin.Another reason that can prove that homosexuality is a sin is that, homosexuals cannot procreate. Two men having sex together or two women having sex together cannot create children, because that isnot God's will. Therefore, same-sex marriages violate God's laws. It has nothing to do if there are communities of the same-sex, bad sex is when it comes to sexual activity that correspond to couplesof different sexes as evidenced by our nature. I was created in a family where religion is paramount, and in my religion God was clear when He created man to be a woman's partner as well as the womanto be man's partner. My Church holds that marriage was established by the Creator, who has adopted its own nature, essential characteristics and purpose to cooperate with God in creation through the...
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