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Moped and Scooter Maintenance
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PREPARING YOUR SCOOTER FOR SPRING If you live in a seasonal area (like Utah) you are most likely going to have to retire mopeds or scooters for the winter. Now that spring has finally come, it’s time to get out your baby and get it back on the road. The checklist below is for anyone who has retired their scooter for along period of time. Follow the details below and safe riding: 1. Spark Plug These are very inexpensive and you might as well switch it with a new one. 2. Fuel System Check all of the fuel lines and fitting for cracks and replace the fuel filter. Make sure there is no rust or particles in the tank, lines or fuel filter. Switch out the fuel filter with a new one. If you see gas leaking from thecarburetor, remove and clean the carburetor. 3. Air Filter Replace your air filter. 4. Battery Check the fuse on the line that is coming off of your battery. Charge your battery (follow the directions on your battery for amps and the amount of time to charge.) Wire brush battery terminals and the connections. 5. Electrical System Make sure all lights, horn, indicators and switches work properly. Ifyou have a problem with one of them check the line with an amp meter and find out where the connection was lost and fix it. 6. Tires and Wheels This is very important for you safety. Fill tire to proper PSI (check the side of the tire for the required PSI amount.) Check the tread on the tire and make sure it is not worn down. Check for cracks or slices. Check valve stem for cracks or leaks and makesure it has a cap. Tighten the bolt that hold the tire on (if the bolt can unloosen, get some screw tape to make sure it stays tight.) Stand the wheel up and spin the tire to make sure the rim is not bent and the tire does not have any bulges. 7. Transmission and Oil Check the fluid levels and if it has been a while change the oil and fluid. Your owner’s manual explains what type to use. 8. ChainClean, lube, and adjust any slack in your chain. Check sprockets for wear.

9. Brakes Adjust brakes to be tight. Check brake pads to see if there is a sufficient amount of brake pad left. 10. Nuts-n-bolts Go over the entire scooter and retighten anything loose nuts and bolts, especially around engine mounts, handle bars, exhaust, and the front/rear suspension points. 11. Appearance Make sureyour moped looks and runs great. Keep it shiny. 12. Legal Are you up to date with your scooter registration and insurance? 13. Be Ready For Road Repair Always ride with the tools and parts needed to fix common problems; Such as spark plug, fuel filter, fuses, wrenches and screw driver, and whatever else you think you might need. Also, have an emergency blanket and a little food and water just incase something happens and you can’t fix the problem. 14. Warm Up This is the first time the scooter has run in a while, so don’t jump off the starting line at full speed. Warm up. Keep it slow and get a feel for it again. Also, if you have been living in areas where it snows, the snowplows build up a lot of gravel in certain spots. So watch out for them (it’s very dangerous to stop and turn ongravel.) And lastly, keep your eyes open for new potholes and damage on the road. OK, you’re now set to safely hit the road in style on your newly tuned up scooter. Ride safe and have fun in the sun!

PREPARING YOUR SCOOTER FOR WINTER If you live in a seasonal place (like Utah), go on a long vacation or just need to retire you scooter for a while, you need to store it properly. Here are steps toensure moped scooters come out running just as good as when you stored it: 1. Gas Tank and Carburetor Drain the tank and spray some WD-40 into the gas tank to prevent rust. I like to drain the gas tank by running it until empty. This is good because it also empties the carburetor so that it doesn’t get junked up during the winter. 2. Change Oil You want to change the oil of the clutch and gears...
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