Matusita house

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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There are many urban legends that tell macabre events that occurred in abandoned houses or inhabited. There are testimonies of peoplewho claim to have seen shadows behind windows, heard terrifying screams in the worst cases, see the same spectra. In Peru, one of the most mysterious house is locatedin Lima, the Casa Matusita, is without doubt one of the major houses of terror. What happened in the House Matusita? Is it true or is it a lie What lurks this strangehouse?
matusita house has two floors but only on the second floor orurren the strange happenings. Today only the first floor has been occupied by Mibanco howevernobody has entered the second floor and could leave. When people enter into matusita houses run quickly because they feel nervous.
The legend is about an evil man whoabused his two employee. but one day when the evil Lord had lunch with his friends, the servants decided to get revenge. It was raining heavily, something smells strangein the food. employees cooked carefully with foreign substances, not to kill his boss, but to cause mental disorders. Suddenly the two employees came out to see if hisplan was perfectly and entered quickly but the scene was awful All guests, including his boss, had been found at that dinner a tragic death, violent and terrifying.There are a lot of history about the house matusita but this is the most strange. I doudt about matusitas mistery because I never feel something like but most peoplebelieve in it. DON’T enter into the second floor of matusitas house. Don’t pass for Wilson avenue. Don’t believe in shadows. If you enter alone only do in the morning.
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