Max y bruno

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Max and Bruno
In The battle against the bullies
Max and Bruno were two best friends from a college where they were beaten by the bullies from his school. They were allthe days beaten by the bullies and when they go to the directory and they accuse the bullies the director doesn’t pay attention to them because they don’t have the necessariesevidences. Other day of school they were hit another time so Bruno was so angry that he fight with max because he want to do something. The next day max didn’t find Brunoand he was very afraid, in the corridors the students were saying that Bruno was one more of the bullies, max don’t believe what they were saying. When he was looking for it,the bullies appear and Bruno was with them, but not like someone beaten like a bully. Max was very surprised and angry at the same time. The bullies go and kick Max butBruno didn’t hit him he only watch, but when the bullies were leaving, Bruno come closer to max and he said ‘don’t worry I have a plan’ and he didn’t understand very well whathe was trying to say. The next day Bruno was another time with the bullies and he only watch in all the fights that they do, the weeks passed and Bruno continue with thebullies Max was very sad because of Bruno but one day Bruno look for Max and say to him ‘come with me’ both, Bruno and Max go to the directory and Bruno pass tothe director a dvd with all the fights of the bullies that he film when he was with the bullies. The bullies find out what happened and want to kill Max and Bruno, theypulled out a knife and in that moment the police come in and arrest the bullies, Max thanked to Bruno of what he did and they can now study in a safe way and without any fear.
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