Maximilian of habsburg

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Maximiliano of Habsburgo


Answer the following questions
1. Who was the second emperor of Mexico?
Maximiliano of Habsburg

2. Where was he born?
Schönbrunpalace, Vienna, Austria.

3. Which royal family did he belong?
Josef von Habsburg.

4. Who did he marry with?
Charlotte Amalie.

5. When Maximiliano landed in Mexico Veracruz?Maximiliano reached the port of Veracruz on the famous frigate Novara on May 28, 1864.

6. When Maximiliano and Charlotte set uptheir residence?
Castle of Chapultepec

7. Maximiliano uphold several policies proposed by Benito Juarez administration.

8. Charlotte traveled to Europe to ask for help, name thecountries that she asked for help.
Paris, Vienna, Roma, Trieste.

9. When was Maximiliano executed and where?
He was shot in the Cerro de las Campanas in the city of Queretaro on June 1867,alongwith the conservative generals Tomas Mejia and Miguel Miramon.

10. Who gave the order that Maximiliano had to be executed?
Benito Juarez.

Maximiliano of Habsburgo was born onVienne on July 6, 1832. He was emperor of Mexico from May 28, 1864 to May 15, 1867. He died On June 19, 1867 in Queretaro.
He was the son of the Archiduque Francisco Carlos and his wife Sofia ofBaviera. He was chosen to govern but he wasn’t the firstborn, so he had less opportunities. Consummated the French intervention, in June 1863 in Mexico he met in an assembly of notables who proclaim therule and chose to lead it to Maximilian.
On April 10, 1864, a commission formally offered the throne and he accepted.
On May 28 he arrived to Veracruz with his wife Charlotte. For liberals, whodefended the Republican government led by Benito Juarez, Maximiliano was considered an invader. After three years of instability, the empire collapsed. Captured in Queretaro, was shot along with the...
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