Mayflower vs. iroquois

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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Iroquois Constitution versus Mayflower Compact
Dekanawida, an Iroquois chief, created the world’s first policy statement, Iroquois Constitution, in order to bring peace between the warring Iroquoistribes. Later, on November 11, 1620, forty-one Puritans men wrote another policy statement, The Mayflower Compact. This document purpose was to organize their new colony and keep them safe. Dekanawidaargued that only by unity they would for the right children. The Puritan men claimed the right to promise God and each other to unify in order to create a government. The importance of the IroquoisConstitution is that it gives people equal voice in the nation’s affairs. It establishes peace and protects “life, liberty and property.” On the other hand The Mayflower Compact was in drawn up withfair and equal laws for the general good. Two similarities on both texts are that they both have to do with our Constitution and both texts debate over political reasons. In the Iroquois Constitutiongave an extensive power to women, in contrast in the Mayflower Compact talked about God all the time.
Both texts played an immense role in our today’s Constitution and they both fight for politicalreasons. The Iroquois Constitution as well as the Mayflower Compact influenced the writers of our Constitution “… Jefferson and Franklin were searching for – a constitution infused with the basicprinciples of democracy and federalism.” (Textbook, 107) Without this both texts we might have different ideas in our government today. Another concept that these two texts have in common is that they fightfor political causes. For example, the Iroquois when they first came wanted to be self-govern in order to stop between groups or tribes. Like the Iroquois, the Puritans wanted to figure out how togovern themselves and find a type of government. However this both texts have differences.
At the same time these both texts differ in some ways. Two differences that this texts have are that in...
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