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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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How to convert an mCPX to use a Brushless HP06 Main Motor with
XP-12A ESC, flashed by Astroid Designs.

Required; HP06 brushless motor (with 8t pinion prefitted), XP-12A ESC (with flashoption), Frame brace,
Optional; micro Deans connectors to replace
connectors used with 120SR 550mA batteries
Tools; fine tipped soldering iron (preferably grounded),
solder, small cutters, double-sidedsticky pad (as for a
gyro), sharp knife.

What you get...

Quick Start Connections
Signal: Yellow wire from ESC signal output to PCB**
Power: PCB power provided via the ESC, as aboveMotor: Three connections... Trial and error, test
before final fit.
**Note. Position of PCB signal input for Main and Tail
shown is for mCPX_V1
Rear of 3in1 PCB – Signal
to Main motor ESC
Rearof 3in1 PCB – Signal
to Tail motor ESC




Steps to convert...


Step 1. Trim main frame the plastic
frame so that there is clearance for
the motor to fit/rotate
Step2. Fit thelower bearing!
Step 3. Push fit the frame brace and
screw the motor in place**
**Re-adjust when main gear is fitted
to allow a small amount of clearance
between gears

Battery +Ve



To 3in1 PCB

Battery -Ve

Prepare ESC...
Step 1. Remove the three blue wires. The motor
wires will solder direct to these locations
Step2. Remove the servo cable(white,red,black).
Step 3. Use a piece of the servo cable to form a
power lead to the 3in1 PCB


Micro Deans Connector Tips
1. This is for use with the Hyperion 550mA batteries. These will berequired if using the HP06 main motor.
2. Fit batteries with exposed pin connected to negative
3. Use heatshrink to insulate. Form a ‘U’ when doing this to take some of the strain off the solder joint A magnifying glass May be necessary!


What is this
wire for?

Signal Connection
Step 1. Clean the PCB in the area to be soldered**
Step 2. Tin the end of the yellow wire
Step 3. Join...
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