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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Alice Cooper and Steven Gaines would like to thank the following people: Shep Gordon; Joey Greenberg; Cindy Lang, for inspiration; Ether and Ella Furnier for their time and trust; Nickie Furnier; Ashley Pandel for starting the ball rolling so many years ago; Alan Strahl for making this book happen; Michael Bruce, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and the inimitable G.B., all of whomspent many selfless hours getting times and dates right. Dick Christian for the other side of the story; Bob Ezrin, who has the key; Cindy Smith Dunaway; Mandi Newall, who knows more than she's saying; Gail Rodgers for fortitude; Joe Gannon; Ronnie Volz; Mike Rozwell; Dave Libert, Michelle Cohen for shelter. Susan Cochran; Jack Crow; Skip Taylor; Shanaberg and Lambusta for Brazil; Leo Fenn; CarolynPfeiffer Donna Dobbs; Brooks Ogden and PatriciaWadsley for their indispensable help and sticking it out to the end. Lynn Grossman and Bob Balaban for organic direction; Bob Weiner; Frank Scinlaro; Gerry Rothberg and the Circus Magazine Files; Billy Smith; Larry Hitchcock; Gabrielle Messab, Carolene Richards, Abe Jacob, and the gang at Heartbreak Hotel; O. B. Lewis, for holding down the fort; Ziggy,for the plane tickets; Merry Old Cornwall; Moumi; Patricia McKinnon; Cheryl Goddard. Me, Alice covers the beginning till Welcome to My Nightmare. It probably came out in 1975. I have about half of Billion Dollar Baby typed in to Microsoft Works in case anybody cares to wait for it. I've only had my computer for a month. I should be finished within two more months as the typing gets to you afterawhile. Hold off on email also because I will probably be switching to Worldnet due to the fact that AOL sucks. Eventually, I will probably ask for "Who wants it?" and email it to those only in one mass mailing. Also, I'm at the part where Mick Mashbir is mentioned so he was with Alice in late 1973, which is when the book takes place, the Holiday Tour for Muscle of Love.

Chapter One I shot atClouseau. He slumped behind one of the Savoy's plump sofas and I

knew my dart had found its mark. I heard him whining quietly, "My tush . . . my tush . . . He's got me in the tush . . . damn that Cooper.... I kneeled for a better view and watched groveling under the furniture as he sank his teeth into the barrel of his dart gun in frustration. He pressed his body tightly to the floor for coverand began to creep toward me. I lobbed a Budweiser can into the air, and it strategically landed two feet behind him. Clouseau flipped over onto his back, firing at the Bud twice, giving me enough cover to make a dash from behind the television set. When Clouseau saw me steadily advancing he fled on his hands and knees toward the bedroom. "Cooper, you swine!" he growled, but before he managed topass the room service cart I hit him again, and again, and again, using only my view in the Regency mirror behind the bar as my aim. Clouseau fell flat on his belly, this time a rubber-tipped dart lodged firmly in the middle of his forehead. He panted as he lay on the carpeting. His eyes narrowed as they focused on a piece of lint. A maniacal smile came to his face. He held the lint up to the lightand squinted at me. "A clue! I have found a clue, Cooper! You are finished! I shall have you thrown in a dank, dark cell in Norway filled with rotting whitefish! Then I, Inspector Clouseau, shall take over forever as Alice Cooper! Then I shall have a life of wine, groupies and song!" "Peter! Alice!" Frank Scinlaro shouted in his babysitter voice. "Hey, you two nuts, you through playing games yet?I'm starving. Let's go out to dinner before we fall on our faces." Sellers looked up at Frankie, all 215 pounds of smiling, bearded, New Jersey Santa Claus, sidekick and traveling companion. Sellers stared hard

into Frankie's twinkling blue eyes. Then he belched. During dinner Peter insisted he wanted to change places with me on part of my tour. This was September of 1975 and I was on the eve...
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