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Unit 4
Horror film: [‘hɔrər fɪlm] películas de terror. a film in which very frightening and especially unnatural thingshappen, for example dead people coming to life and people being murdered.
Science fiction:[‘saɪəns ‘fɪkʃ(ə)n] películas de ciencia ficción. movies about imaginary future events and characters, oftendealing with space travel and life on other planets. Science fiction is often called sci-fi.
Thriller: [ ‘θrɪlər] películas de misterio. movie that tells an exciting story, especially about somethingdangerous like a crime.
Western: [‘westərn] películas sobre el lejano oeste. a film based on invented stories about life in the west of the US in the past.

TV programs
Game show: [geɪm ʃoʊ]programa de concursos. a television program where people score points by answering questions or doing things.
News: [nuːz] noticias. a television or radio programme consisting of reports about recentevents.
Soap opera: [soʊp ‘ɑp(ə)rə] telenovelas. a series of television or radio programmes about the lives and problems of a particular group of characters. The series continues over a long period andis broadcast (several times) every week.
Talk show:[ tɔk ʃoʊ] programa de entrevistas. a television or radio program in which the host talks to famous people in an informal way. The usual Britishword is chat show.
Classical: [‘klæsɪk(ə)l] música clásica. music written according to standard European forms or structures by people such as Mozart and Beethoven.
Country: [‘kʌntri] músicacountry.a type of popular music based on the traditional music of the southern U.S., usually containing singing, guitars, and violins.
Gospel: [‘ɡɑsp(ə)l] música de iglesia de los americanos de razanegra. a type of Christian music influenced by soul and r and b that developed in the churches that black people went to in the south of the U.S. in the past. It is sung by groups of singers who have...
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