Means of transport presentation

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In this presentation, I’m going to talk about the means of transport.

1. The first thing to say about MOT is the difference between public transport and cars or motorbikes.

The publictransport is less polluting than the private. For longer trips, public transport can be faster, more comfortable and less expensive if done individually. However, if it is short trips, private transport isfaster and convenient and does not depend on schedule, although there may be parking problems.

2. Now I would like to tell you the different means of public transport and their main features.The metro and tram are very fast and very punctual, especially the metro.

The bus has more lines, but is more untimely and slow

The taxi is more expensive, but it has not fixed stops and youcan go directly to anywhere.

3. Then I would talk about Spanish roads and drivers

Mainly, there are three types of roads. Local roads, which are the most abundant and where the speed is lower.Secondly we have the national roads that connect most important cities and finally we have the highways and freeways that only differ in who exploits them.

In addition, as a personal experience, Ican tell you that last summer I traveled through France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, and I can assure you that their tolls are also very expensive, even more than here.

Spanish drivers tend tobe generally very nervous.

Currently 96% do not would approve the theoretical test, and only 53% would respond correctly to half of the questions.

61% of drivers exceed the speed limitsconstantly and 22% suffer significant levels of anxiety.

4. The next point I want to treat safety in cars and traffic accidents.

As you know, the main security features in a car are:

The rear viewmirrors, the suspension and the braking, steering and lighting systems. And also the more recent, that are the seat belts and the airbags.

Traffic accidents often mainly occur by the following...
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