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  • Publicado : 8 de septiembre de 2012
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This is what you are replacing.

2. Paint bottom of ball joint (will tell you why later).

3. Lube ball joint nut (very important to help get the top nut offlater).

4. I use modified strut spring compressors to help with the job. You can do the job without the spring compressors but it’s a lot easier with it(especially on the driver side). Compressors cost me $10.

5. I use this same technique to remove the struts. It’s a lot easier to compress the spring first to remove the strut. But for the balljoint removal the compressor takes the spring load off the ball joint.

6. Remove the sway bar bolt.

7. Move the sway bar arm out of the way.

8. Loosen the top ball joint nut.9. Loosen the top nut until the nut hits the steel half shaft hub. I learned this technique from a Fred’s member and will give him credit when I remember who it was.

10. Keepunscrewing the nut, putting pressure on the hub with the nut until it forces the shaft out of the wheel bearing housing. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to pop it out.

11. Remove the three bolts thathold the lower ball joint.

12. This is where the jack should be (under the brake rotor) with a little pressure to support the axle.

13. At this point the ball joint will be loose soturning the top nut will also turn the stud that the nut is on. What I did was remove the rubber that is around the ball joint so that I could hold the stud with pliers and remove the nut (this is whyyou should spray the top LOCK NUT with oil). The stud under the rubber is full of grease and vise grips pliers or special pliers (see photo later) my not be enough to hold the stud. You may have tocut the nut off so be prepared.

14. Another shot of the pliers holding the stud to remove the nut.

15. Slide out the old ball joint.

16. Looks easy!

17. See how I had...
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