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  • Publicado : 28 de mayo de 2011
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Nowadays people are stressed for all the problems that they have and they want to relax and go out of their routine lifestyle, for that reason they like to entertain themselves,having fun with different types of entertainment like: enjoy the night life, movies, media etc.
A brief investigation mentions that media is the most important factor that people consider the best inorder to spend their time when they are free.
Media refers to film, images, music, spoken and written word like radio, TV, magazines, and internet.
In this century alone, dramatic developments havetaken place in mass media. In 1900, there was no radio, television or internet; newspapers dominated the media market, with virtually no competition. It's remarkable to see how far society has comesince then.
Media today has evolved into a multi-faceted entity that has become an integral part of our life. Using available technology, such as the internet, we can now communicate with one anotheranywhere on Earth.
Actually, industrialized societies depend to a large extent, the mass media. Its economic system based on widespread sale, "the complex division of labor and the state needs tofulfill its functions require the media to disseminate information as quickly and as many people as possible. Now, it is increasingly close relationship between the large economic groups and largechains of communication.

The media is constantly evolving tools. Most likely the first form of communication among humans was that of the signs and signals used in prehistoric times, of whichreflected in material culture are different manifestations of prehistoric art. The appearance of writing is taken as a landmark of the beginning of history. From that moment, the economic and socialchanges were encouraging the beginning and development of different media, from those related to writing (fifteenth-century printing-) to the media linked to the age of electricity (first half of the...
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