Medical profession

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Medical profession
Burnout is “an experience of physical, emotional,and mental exhaustion,cause by long_term involvemet in situation that are emoionally demanding “anothervalluare definition is “bounout is the index of dilocatio between what peopleare and what they hve to do . it represent an erosion in values , dignity , spirit , and will and erosion of the human soul.It may manifest as depersonalisation, low productitivity , and feelings of low achievement.
Although it can accur in a range of occupations, burnout has been found to accur most amongostprofesional people in the professional of medicine , nursing , socialwork, counselling and teaching , it is typically associated with the prolonged and cumulative effects of emotional stress and pressurethat arise from personal interaction with membert of the publico n a daily basis where studiend , the prevalence amongost healthcare workers approaches 25%
Burnout may seem apparent dailto havetwo apparently conflictiong

* One is an apparent daily trudge of a dull , monotounous and tedious rotine.
* The other is sheer exhaustion from years of struggling through demands andchange.

There are tree componentes to burnout:
1.emotional exhaustion:
This leads to an inability to engage fully with many aspects of the job but, particularly , with those aspects involvinginteraction. Speech may become flattened and body and facialgestures diminished as person becomes less responsive to the dermands of the situationof a proffessional interaction .
2.depersonalisation :
This is a tendency to depersonalise those with whom one is forced to interact so that patients are seen less as indiduals and situations become simply part of a rotine.
3. lack of personalaccomplishment:
This usually accompanies burnout . the individual will tend to feel littles sences of achievement in relation to the job , even if the reality is very different.

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