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Jesus knew who he was and why he was on this planet, which allowed him to lead his followers in the personal certainty and not on the certainty or weakness. Jesus acted on the basis ofspecific principles or truths. Jesus was a leader who listened without presumption, loving, patient and persuasive. Jesus knew how to involve his twelve disciples in the process of life, and hisleadership was seen mainly in the formation of the true church.



Everything is perfect in the sacrifice of Jesus that inspires love and freedom with which it runs. Alsoperfect gift offered in Jesus Christ offered Himself for us, gave himself entirely to the pain and death to save mankind.

Jesus had a quite specific and defined objective: toestablish the Kingdom of God in this world. Therefore, the central theme of his preaching was to reveal the mystery of the kingdom: four facets understood his ministry goes, proclaim, teach and heal.

Wentabout Galilee, proclaiming the Good News of God, teaching in their synagogues the mystery of the kingdom and healing the sick.


The primary task of Jesus during his three years ofministry, it was not addressing the multitudes that followed him. Their main concern focused on his disciples, until twelve of them became teachers. The preferential option to make disciples of Jesuswas able to create new disciples.


The recognition of Jesus to the faith of those who believed in him is eternal life. The recognition that we make to Jesus is his love for us toaccept the will of God and die for us humans.


Today we start a new life, bringing with us the Sruti that Jesus left us and to practice every day, take the mystery of thekingdom to all generations and start living in the love of God and neighbor.


Jesus Christ is a perfect example taught us some detail how to deal with conflict, we must first...
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