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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2009
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As I grew up in Guayaquil city, Ecuador, I always had the ambition to become "doctor". As a young schoolgirl, my family members encouraged and motivated me to follow my dreams. When I was a child,Iused to play that I was a doctor, I saw my dad, medical programs, I was excited and decide that my goal was to become a doctor.
Later I followed in my dad’s footsteps and joined medical school. Myinterest grew deeper when I began to dissect the cadaver. I enjoyed it so much that I used to go to the lab during my lunch break hours. With physiology and biochemistry, I learned how complex andintegrated the human body is. Pathology, microbiology and pharmacology together gave me a fundamental understanding of the human body in diseased state. As I began my clinical rotations I found them allinteresting; however, medicine always was a favorite of mine.

In my final year of medical school, I presented a case study about "Fetus in Fetus surgery ". Among the listeners was my Ginecologistprofessor. At the end of my presentation, he asked me a few questions about my case study and concluded the session with words of praise. He stated that I was thorough in my history taking andexamination and that I analyzed the patient's condition perfectly. I think that it was this personal interest in medicine that has always motivated me to attain excellent marks in Medicine. During my clinicalrotations, I saw that internist must be well versed in subspecialty areas such as ginecologist, critical care and surgery.I understood then that the internist or any especialization you want to be ,not only needs extensive knowledge and skill in diagnosis and treatment, but also humanistic qualities of integrity, sensitivity, empathy and compassion. Lastly, my work as a full time medicalresident at Bansipt Miami Hospital.

My other interests include soccer, swimming, and reading to keep me up to date with current events in medicine and technology. That’s why I always se Medical...
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