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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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Helping Individuals Become Teams
Cesar Lopez

Marshall Knight is the person I decided to interview; Marshall has been helping groups of individuals become successful teams in different companies all around Georgia. Marshall has been working with Quick Start for nearly a year now and has visited many different types of companies. He is a graduate of South Georgia College and Kennesaw StateUniversity, and has provided different types of training to many diverse groups of people; mainly adults already in the workforce. His main type of training has been in advanced manufacturing techniques focusing deeply on team building. Quick Start of Georgia works together with the Technical College System Of Georgia to provide free of charge training to qualified business all around the stateof Georgia; they have five regional offices across Georgia and provide great customized training in a timely manner. Quick start has been training employees in Georgia since 1967 and has developed different types of projects for different manufacturing or service type business.Marshall uses different types of technology in his training program; he made it very clear that even though many times the logic behind the training is the same, it is important to realize that every business is different so he has to adapt his program to the type of business he was visiting. Sometimes a white board would be enough other times he had to bring workbooksand other types of wood and metal materials so that he could include employees on different hands on activities. He said that the most important ingredient to training program was the will of the employees to participate and to learn new ways of doing something they had done the same way for years. Before going into employee training Marshall said it was also important to have supervisors andmanagers go through the same training a couple of days before so that they could also help their employees go through the training and build important leader roles. He believed
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that even if employees knew how to improve their work and their performance, they would not improve if there was no leader to motivate them and to reward them. Marshall trains leaders in the importance ofattainable goals and good motivation techniques. He said that a lot of times when he is doing leader training it is enough to do the program in a traditional lecture type of class, since supervisors and management are usually very cooperative and more participative than when he is doing employee training. He says that it is also a smaller class so he has better chance to explain things one on oneif there is any type of misunderstanding, he feels that in his leader training the mood is more of a group discussion type of course after he explains a subject. He said that in his leader training he can see more feedback from the trainees so he also recommends that when it is time for the employees to do the training program they have the group size as small as possible.
Since he has notbeen with the company very long he said that the way he provides training has not changed much from how he did the first time. He said the most important thing for him as the trainer was to be able to adapt his program to the type of products and machinery the company was involved in. Since he had visited a wide array of companies that went from manufacturing and producing metal and plastic goodsto process foods from cookies to sports drinks; he had to make sure that his program was not only providing good ideas, but also make sure that he made it interesting enough so that employees could relate their experience to things in the manufacturing plant that way employees were eager to take those ideas and put them to work at the actual plant.
The content of his program was pretty much...
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