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The GEM™500 Integrates Nine Landfill Gas Field Instruments with On-Board Computer
The GEM™500 was specifically designed by CES-LANDTEC for use on landfills to monitor landfill gas (LFG) migration control systems, gas extraction systems, flares, migration probes, LEL levels, subsurface fires, and more. The lightweight, portable unit integrates nine field instruments with an on-board computer. Theversatile monitor provides landfill technicians with an array of analysis and computation functions. The results can be stored, printed and later downloaded to a personal computer to provide error-free data management. CES-LANDTEC’s versatile GEM™500 can be used with Orifice plates and Pitot tubes, but most effectively on CES-LANDTEC’s Accu-Flo wellheads, which incorporates a built-in gasconditioning device and quick-connect sample ports. The Accu-Flo wellhead and GEM™500 were designed to work together to expedite the time required to accurately sample and adjust LFG wellheads.

Multi-Function Tools
The GEM™500 automatically samples and analyzes the methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen content of landfill gas. The easy to read LCD screen shows the results as percentages of CH4, CO2, O2and “balance” gas (typically nitrogen). The GEM™500 also calculates and displays gas flow rate. Btu content, temperature, pressures and LEL (Lower Explosive Limit). In addition, the user can recall prior data stored at up to 500 monitoring points for contrast with current data. Alarms can easily be set for methane and oxygen. The GEM™500 can automatically calculate gas flow rates, adjusted tostandard temperature and pressure (STP). The results can be displayed in either Imperial (USA) or SI (metric) units.

Rugged, User-Friendly Design
The GEM™500 is an all-weather, self-contained portable monitor which uses a self-compensating infrared gas analyzer, recharge-able power supply for all day use, an internal sample pump capable of drawing a gas sample at up to 80" vacuum WC. An easy tofollow, onscreen menu guides the operator through the sampling process which can be completed, in less than a minute. I.D. codes allow the user to store and recall prior measurements for each monitoring point. Preset maintenance codes can be used to note field work required. The stored data can be later retrieved for viewing or downloaded to a personal computer for use in a database.

Time SavingConveniences
Users will readily appreciate the built-in, time-saving conven-iences provided by the GEM™500 instead of fumbling with data sheets, temperature gauges, flow meters, methane/oxygen/ carbon dioxide analyzers, pressure gauges, calculators and other field equipment, the GEM™500 provides it all, and more, in an easy to carry light-weight case.

CES-Landtec’s Family of Landfill ProductsThe GEM™500 is part of a family of products developed by CES-LANDTEC for the solid waste industry. These products are based on over a decade of operating and regulatory experience at multiple client sites along with years of field proven reliability.

CES-LANDTEC’s GEM™500 Analyzer Provides a Convenient Link Between Your Landfill Data and Office Computer
Key GEM™500 Features Multi-FunctionalAnalyzer... provides automatic sampling and analysis of gas composition (% by volume) CH4 (100% & LEL), CO2, O2, balance gas, temperature and pressures. Also calculates gas flow rates as well as Btu content. Diverse Field Applications... monitors migration control systems, gas extraction systems, flares, migration probes, temperatures, and more. Light-Weight Compact Size... is easy to carry.Weighs less than five pounds. Quick Analysis...completes sampling and displays gas analysis and flow results in usually less than one minute. Infrared Gas Analyzer... provides high-tech accurate measurements of Methane (CH4), and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Reference Beam... provided by infrared analyzer for self-compensation. Durable Oxygen Sensor... provided by the galvanic cell principle, unaffected by...
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