Medios de transporte

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This is a detailedreport on means of transport, divided into: land transport, maritime and air transport. Waiting for better understanding.



Car: is a means of ground transportation for family use.

Bus: transportation is a means of urban land for more than twenty people.

Motorcycle: a ground transportation,two wheels, one or two people.

Bicycle: is a means of ground transportation, two wheels, for personal use, is environmentally friendly, and does not pollute the environment.Truck: it is a means of land transport for commercial use, is used to transport goods.

American truck (trailer): it is a means of land transport, is used to transport heavy goods and largequantities of products.

Fire truck: a means of land transport, is used by firefighters to control fires, has a long hose, and a grand staircase.

Moto taxi: is ground transportation, threewheels, is used to transport passengers.

Motorhome: a Means of land transport is a house on wheels.

Crane: It is a means of land transport, is used to move cars and other heavyequipment.

Ambulance: a means of land transport, which is used to transport patients to hospitals.

Skate: is a means of land transport used mostly by young, also a sports andentertainment medium.

Train: It's called a train or railway cars or wagons series connected to a locomotive that usually run on rail tracks.

Taxi: is a means of land transport,which circulates in the cities.

Horse: is the primary means of land transport, used by humans to travel from one place to another and transporting goods.

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