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My Notes 4 
1. The matching options in the Locate dialog box are Exact Match, Partial Match at beginning, and ____________________ . 
Partial Match Anywhere
 2. Which of the following is the correct chart number for Daniel Ho? 
C. HO___DA0
 3. Codes assigned to employers in the Address dialog box must be no more than __ characters in length. A. four
B. five
C. six
D. ten
 4. A patient's Social Security number is entered in the Other Information tab of the Patient/Guarantor dialog box. 
 5. Which of the following is not an acceptable chart number in Medisoft? 
C. NYU22220
 6. Information about a new patient is entered in Medisoft by clicking the ____________________ button in thePatient List dialog box. 
New Patient

7. Chart numbers cannot contain special characters such as a hyphen or semicolon. 
 8. By default, patients are listed in the Patient List dialog box in order by ____________________ . 
chart number
 9. Information about a guarantor must be entered in Medisoft even if that person is not a patient of the practice. 
 10. An optionin the Name, Address dialog box makes it easy to enter patients living at the same address. 

11. If a change needs to be made to patient information in the Patient/Guarantor dialog box, the ____________________ button is used. 
12. The ____________________ field can be used to organize patients into groups and assign a color code to the group. 
 13. The Patient Listdialog box is divided into two sections: the left side displays patient information, while the right side lists case information. 
 14. A patient's assigned provider is designated in the ____ tab. 
A. Name, Address
B. Other Information
C. Provider
D. Account
 15. The Search For box contains text that is searched for; how the list is sorted is determined by the entry in the_________________ box. 
 16. Once created, a chart number cannot be edited. 
 17. ____________________ are used to view information that is not visible in a window. 
Scroll bars
 18. The Patient List dialog box is accessed by displaying an option on the ____________________ menu. 
 19. Data entered in the Search box must be case-specific; if searching for the lastname Jones, the system will not locate the entry if JONES or jones is keyed in the Search box. 
 20. Additional employers can be added to the Medisoft database by accessing a command on the ____________________ menu. 
 21. The drop-down list of options in the Search For: Field box is the same in all Medisoft dialog boxes. 
 22. Medisoft's Search feature can be used tolook for information on patients, insurance carriers, procedure codes, and employers. 

23. The Address List can contain entries such as employers, facilities, and lawyers. 
 24. The Patient List dialog box lists the patient's date of birth. 
25. The Signature on File box in the Other Information tab of the Patient/Guarantor dialog box must be completed or insuranceclaims will be rejected. 

26. The Status field in the Other Information tab of the Patient/Guarantor dialog box is used to indicate whether the patient 
A. has insurance coverage
B. is employed or in school
C. is current with payments owed
D. is currently a patient of the practice
 27. The Type drop-down list in the Other Information tab in the Patient/Guarantor dialog box isused to indicate whether an individual is a ____________________ or a guarantor. 

28. The left side of the Patient Information dialog box contains information about patients; the right side contains information about ____________________. 
 29. The designation of an individual as a patient or guarantor is made in the following field in the Patient/Guarantor dialog box ...
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