Medusa en ingles y una guerra avisada sociales

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In Greek mythology Medusa (Greek: Μέδουσα (Médousa), "guardian, protectress") was a Gorgon, a chthonic monster, and a daughter of Phorcys and Ceto Only Hyginus, (Fabulae, 151) interposes ageneration and gives another chthonic pair as parents of Medusa; until he gave it to the goddess Athena to place on her shield. In classical antiquity the image of the head of Medusa appeared in theevil-averting device known as the Gorgoneion.
The three Gorgon sisters—Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale—were children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys (or Phorkys) and his sister Ceto (or Keto),chthonic monsters from an archaic world. Their genealogy is shared with other sisters, the Graeae, as in Aeschylus's Prometheus Bound who places both trinities of sisters far off "on Kisthene's dreadfulplain":
Near them their sisters three, the Gorgons, winged
With snakes for hair— hated of mortal man—
In most versions of the story, she was beheaded by Perseus, who was sent to fetch her headby King Polydectes of Seriphos as a gift. With help from Athena and Hermes who supplied him with winged sandals, Hades' cap of invisibility, a sword, and a mirrored shield, he accomplished his quest.The hero slew Medusa by looking at her harmless reflection in the mirror instead of directly at her, to prevent being turned into stone. When the hero severed Medusa's head from her neck, two offspringsprang forth, for Medusa was pregnant by Poseidon: the winged horse Pegasus and the golden-sworded giant Chrysaor.

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