Meiji restoration

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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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Before start talking about Meiji restoration we must know what is imperialism and modernism. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal economic, cultural andterritorial relationship, usually is made in form of empire and between states. Imperialism is usually autocratic and also monolithic. The system and policies of a government established in a country. Italways involves the use of power, whether military force or some other form. In the other hand, modernism is a change from a feudal society into a progressive one, making it modern. It includes manycharacteristics like more machines used for production that is, that machines were created to make easy the production. Another could be that people can move from place to place and also socialmovement, people moving from a lower society to another, education was imposed like scientific and technical education. More specifically, the term describes both a set of cultural tendencies and an arrayof associated cultural movements, originally arising from wide-scale and far-reaching changes to Western society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s.

Mainly the Meiji came fromthe the lower-middle rank of the samurai class. They were pressure by the Tokugawa feudal rules and the Western Imperialism. As a result of this, they decided to unify like a group they shared a commonsocial background and political experience so they agreed that modernization was the only way to save the country. Lately, Meiji society was afraid of China, because this country was to powerful forchanging and only brought humiliation and defeat. So, this situation brings the urgency to become a modern society.

Once in power, the Meiji leaders decided to turn away from tradition andmodernize Japan to defend against Western imperialism. Western Imperialism takes two important forms:
• Economic: Foreign imports into Japan increased greatly because of the low tariff fixed by the...
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