Meiosis square dance

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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2012
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Meiosis Square Dance Lyrics
Now coil up, coil up, coil up tight
If were to do meiosis right
Interphase one is almost doneMarks the start of prophase one
Face your partners and to them bow
Do-se-do crossover now
Allemande left with your left handPromenade around the land
Now grab your partner’s chromatid
Crossing arms you’ll be glad you did
The nuclear membrane breaks down hereAttach your fiber to you centromere
The fibers pull the dance is done
Hold on tight its metaphase one
Couples move to the central plateIts anaphase one so you separate
Now wave goodbye to reach your goal
Each partner move to the other pole
Telophase one is mighty sadYou’re all alone lost what you had
Together we’ll no longer be
These parts of you will be dear to me
Prophase, prophase,prophase two
The spindles coming after you
With a fiber stuck to your centromere
You’re pulled into the center here
On the centralplate for metaphase two
Just like before it’s déjà vu
At Interphase one you duplicate
So now that you can separate
The fiberstugging this is it
Time for your chromatids to split
Anaphase, anaphase, anaphase two
This time you wave goodbye to you
Attelophase two half the teams on hand
You’re feeling sad you’re a single strand
Now this is just your normal state
With some luck you’ll procreate...
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