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1. Which is/are the key issue or issues?
Motorola should continue with the same ethics policy or change its business strategy in order to enter new markets and gain market share?
2.Construct a SWOT (give at least 5 items for each one)
Strengths | Weaknesses |
* Brand Recognition * High level of Innovation * Products with affordable prices * Quality Product *Wide costumer’s base | * Decreasing Net earnings * Supply chain * Lack of competition * Motorola products are not user-friendly * Increasing costs |
Opportunities | Threats |
*Make an entrance to the Asian market * Developing Countries * Make an improvement in its products * Growth Potential * Improve its promotion and advertising | * Strong Competitors *Competitor’s Aggressive promotional efforts. * Perception of the costumers * Complicated ethic policies * Not very user-friendly technology |

3. Provide 3 alternatives with theiranalysis and comparison
1. They should also invest in the improvement of its customers satisfaction
* This alternative could be too costly and maybe time consuming because they need to find out thecostumer necessities and then try to satisfy them, but this option could increase the Motorola market share also the sales and profitability of the company.
2. Establish on the Asian market
*The Asian could be a great opportunity for Motorola due to is a market where a few brands are established so they can take advantage of the situation, make a strong entrance to the market and gain ahuge part of the Asian market share so the sales and profitability of the will increase.
3. Motorola should take risk willingly in product innovations to capture more market share and increasethe sales.
* This option could be too costly and also with a high level of time consumption but worthwhile because it will help the company to regain market share, regain a high level of...
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