Mejores canciones de la historia

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Mejores canciones de la historia

1- Stairway to heaven- LED Zeppelin
2- Bohemina Rhapsody- Queen
3- Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd
4- Esa estrella era mi lujo- Patricio Rey YSus Redonditos De Ricota
5- Imagine- John Lennon
6- Johnny B. Good- Chuck Berry
7- Angie- The Rolling Stones
8- A day in the life- The Beatles
9- Billie Jean- MichaelJackson
10- Smell like a teen spirit- Nirvana
11- Like a Rolling stone- Bob Dylan
12- Hey Jude- The Beatles
13- No woman, dont cry- Bob Marley
14- California Dreammin’- The Mamas AndThe Papas
15- Rock Around The Clock- Bill Haley
16- Seminare- Seru Giran
17- The end- The Doors
18- Yesterday- The Beatles
19- Houng dog- Elvis Presley
20- Satisfaction- TheRolling Stones
21- One- Metallica
22- Careless whisper- George Michael
23- What’d i said- Ray Charles
24- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida- Iron Butterfly
25- Jijiji- Patricio Rey Y SusRedonditos De Ricota
26- Hotel California- The Eagles
27- Sultans of swings- Dire Straits
28- Nobember Rain- Guns N´ Roses
29- Wish you were here- Pink Floyd
30- Cuando comenzamos anacer- Sui Generis
31- And i love her- The Beatles
32- Tutti frutti- Little Richards
33- Good vibrations- The Beach Boys
34- Echoes- Pink Floyd
35- Let it be- The Beatles36- Another brick in the wall part 2- Pink Floyd
37- Imágenes paganas- Virus
38- Shake, rattle and rock- Big Joe Turner
39- Respect- Aretha Franklin
40- I want to hold your hand- TheBeatles
41- Thriller- Michael Jackson
42- Paranoid- Black Sabath
43- Black Dog- LED Zeppelin
44- Knockin on heaven Doors- Guns N´ Roses
45- Cartas sin marcar- Los Abuelos De LaNada
46- Sympathy for the devil- The Rolling Stones
47- Eiti Leda- Seru Giran
48- Sweet home Alabama- Creedance Clearwater
49-Help!- The Beatles
50-La balsa- Los Gatos
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