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  • Publicado : 9 de octubre de 2010
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Equipo docente I
Septiembre 2010
Evaluation of KINDER Students

I. High-level students
a. Rafael Tejera
i. Very intelligent, very good English—likes speaking English; sometimes gets off focus and needs to be redirected, but generally gets his work done
ii. Gross motor-needs help with muscle tone and body position; difficult when he needs to jump andbody control/movements
b. Alejandro Rovira
i. Intelligent, always the first one done; could spend more time on certain things and make work neater; okay English, but even if he doesn’t understand my directions he usually figures out the work himself; cannot be with Samuel
ii. Need to work on behavior; help him manage time and control himself; respect others;manage situations with people he doesn’t like
c. Maria Silvana Imitola
i. Very intelligent, very good English—really tries to speak English; needs extra attention a lot of the time; work could be neater; very picky eater
ii. She is the youngest in the class and the youngest with two much older brothers; need to work with her in the dining room; needs to managesituations and put forth more effort—will say she’s tired if she doesn’t want to do something; need to work with her on not speaking out; help her be more independent
d. Juanita Villegas
i. Intelligent, gets her work done, but it needs to be neater, and she is out of her seat way too much; also, often needs to hear directions many times; okay English
ii.Easily distracted; doesn’t seem as happy as last year and not as likely to participate; find ways to motivate her and make sure to recognize her good work; maybe send her to Ingrid
e. Sharik Vizcaino
i. Intelligent, good English; takes her time with her work; if there is someone to distract her, she has a hard time focusing on her work; sometimes needs directions explainedmultiple times before understanding
ii. Needs a lot of approval to let her know that she’s doing well
f. Samuel Uribe
i. Very intelligent; okay English; out of his seat way too much; finishes work quickly but it could be neater; too easily distracted, cannot be with Alejandro, Sofia Morales, or Nicole
ii. “Gentleman behavior” reinforced at home; needto follow up with him for speech therapy—work on pronunciation

II. On-level students
a. Sofia Morales
i. Intelligent, does her work well, generally finishes n time and answers questions correctly; needs to speak more English; cannot be with Nicole, Samuel, or Sofia Gonzalez
ii. Only child; needs to work on participation; need to help her be a littlemore independent; shy, especially when speaking English
b. Valentina Ramirez
i. Intelligent, focused, does good work and does it neatly, very eager to please—sometimes needs extra attention; English needs a lot of work; needs to focus more when giving a lesson, but is fine when she is doing work; very good in the lunch room
c. Sofia Gonzalez
i.Intelligent, does work neatly; English needs work; cannot be with Veronica, Sofia Morales, or Nicole; asks to go to the bathroom too much; often gives attitude when she is reprimanded
ii. Need to call her apart and explain to her when she is doing something wrong and is not good
d. Valentina Rodriguez
i. Intelligent, okay English; does everything very slowly—reallytakes too much time; cannot have distraction; needs many reminders to continue with her work
ii. Emphasize the amount of time with her
e. Ana Maria Martinez
i. Intelligent, okay English—really tries, participates in class; often does her work too slowly and needs to be reminded to continue; easily distracted, by other students and toys; has issues with falling...
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