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  • Publicado : 17 de junio de 2011
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Women masculinities: numberfobia as a gender identity, can this change?
In some countries, such as Mexico, so many times is a taboo talking about women masculinities. Topics such as economics,finances or big money has ever been, until now, a men thing. New pshycological paradigmas show that Gender Identity were constructed in chilhood.Can women change their gender scripts?
• Objectives: Whatdo you hope to achieve with the session?
Women awareness about the endless possibilities that exist when accept the challenge to change sexual/gender scripts about money, finances and economics,particularly on the "developing world". To open our eyes and hearts to respect women masculinities and other identities that challenge traditional beliefs about the money and abundance, in a social way,but also to some insight about our sexual scripts, about ideas such as femenine and masculine undercultures.To renegotiate with our personalities, what seduces us, what we let to impress us, what wethink impress and seduce others. If we think that money has anything to do with our believes in what love is. If we think we deserve it or not.

• Description and methodology: How will you organize orstructure the session? What will be the primary content of the session? Workshop Methodology: Reencounter Therapy (Spain: Fina Sanz)and Family Cellular Memories (Mexico: Cenobio Martinez). It is aworkshop where they can do some sexual scripts review and they are challenge to see them and change them. As well as to remember Family traditions about money issues and abundance, and renew socialscripts if desire (gender identity). We also show how our mayan ancestors have an intimate relation with life abundance trough a perfect matheamatical wisdom, related with earth cycles (women fertilitycycles) and how this information challenge any bodies beliefs. Show thwm how we have been working on rural areas and with vulnerable groups in northern Mexico, were even witn cartels wars going on, we...
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