Men's health january 2006

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hat do you supposegoes on at Men’s Health Towers? You probably imagine that we’re all gently bouncing around on a combination of Swiss balls and creatine-laced green tea, exchanging emails about the latest cable-fly techniques and how much we can bench these days. We’re sorry to shatter the allusion but no, normally we don’t do anything of the sort. This month, however, we have reverted to stereotype to bring you thedefinitive exercise regime for total body fitness. Look again at the headline above. That’s right: the best damn exercises ever invented. (Bounce, bounce). We

mean it. (Sip, sip). A hell of a claim, isn’t it? (Mmmm… Creatine!) Well, we’re so stacked after working all this out, we dare you to argue. But if you can incorporate these exercises into your training, we guarantee you’ll agree. Yourchallenge, should you choose to accept it, is this: for one month, assign a muscle group to each day of the week Monday-Saturday and do a 45-minute work-out, as we’ve indicated. Stick to it, gradually building the intensity, and by the time the next issue of Men’s Health comes out, we can safely say that you’ll be in dramatically better shape. Write to us at bestexercises andlet us know how you get on with following the routine and getting results.



Our chosen abs expert is Paul Collins, author of How To Lose Your Love Handles. Here are Collins’ gems

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The move Abdominal bracing Muscles worked Abs, TVAHow to do it Get on your knees, bwoy. Draw your belly button inwards towards your spine while keeping your back straight. “Locking up the transverse abdominals (TVA)”, as it’s termed in fancy academic journals. Take deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth, holding the position. Repeat five times. What does it do? Helps build core stability, improve posture and prevent backache. Andjustifies all that posing in the mirror.

slowly lower your feet. Do two sets of 10 reps. As you get good at it, hook a light dumb-bell between your ankles. Ouch. What does it do? Forces the lower abs into definition. It also helps stabilise your pelvis, reducing the risk of hip-knack in later life. You’ll save the NHS thousands. Not that the NHS will exist by then. Political commentary and absadvice? You don’t get this on Jade Goody’s workout DVD. The move Lateral fly Muscles worked Obliques – the muscles either side of your sixpack How to do it Lie on your right side and prop up your upper body on your right elbow with your forearm on the ground. With feet together, lift your pelvis to create a straight line from feet to head. Raise a weight in your left hand until it’s parallel to yourshoulders. Pause then lower. Alternate on the other side with sets of 10 reps, adding

weight as the month goes on. What does it do? Gives you a balanced centre of gravity, which means you won’t fall into that old biddy when the bus lurches.


The move Hanging knee raise Muscles worked Lower abs How to do it Hang from a pull-up bar with an overhand grip, arms shoulder-width apart. With feettogether, use your abdominal muscles to raise your feet in an arc, until they’re in line with your hands. Pause at the top of the movement and


The move Body dish Muscles worked TVA and obliques How to do it Assume the Arjen Robben position: lie on your back, arms and legs stretched out. Lock up the TVA. With hands together and feet together, bring your arms and legs towards each other....