Men and women as consumers

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B. Compare and contrast women and men as consumers
Men and women have been evolving tremendously as consumers through out time. On the 21st century studies have shown that women differentiate frommen as consumers because when they are shopping they look for more family products and they tend to buy things in bulk or big packages. Men have usually always tended more towards the cars andinvesting on lands and properties. They look more for where they can make more money out of what they have. Despite these characteristics, now a days woman have evolved and transcended to independent humanbeings. They are now more involved in work areas like investments, stock markets etc.
According to the media, they say their strongest target for publicity is towards the female population, sincethey are the primary consumers in a store, company, or product. Women usually look for materialistic things that will make them more beautiful; they focus on brands, prices and specific details inproducts. When looking into publicity of the television, it is clear that most commercials that try to sell something, whether its liquor, cars, or for investing in a certain stock or company, are directlymade for women. According to Business Week’s survey, women earn 78 cents for every 1-dollar men earn, but women make 80% of all buying decisions at home on the United States.
Men, in the other handare more interested in simple things. Work, investments, cars, motorcycles, sports, etc. So most publicity that is aimed for them, is set on the television in the sports area. For example, SundayNight Football, or the Super Bowl. Besides, men are more simple. They don’t like to complicate their lives, and just have a closet with 7 jeans that will do for the week, 7 t-shirts, 2 nice shirt, ajacket, and 3 pairs of shoes. They don’t have accessories, like women do; like bags, necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Besides, women are the ones who usually take care of the house and

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