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Marketing- 1st session

British Museum of Natural History

Who would you target with your marketing/advertising? Would you target everybody in the UK or would you focus on people living in theSoutheast or in London itself? Are there any other criteria besides geography that you would use to identify (or segment) your target group?

I would particularly instill a sense of proudness to thoseliving in London since this museum contains so much human history and culture and would encourage them in particular to visit regularly since its right on their doorstep. For people who live inLondon and are aware of the zone they live in.

How would you reach your target group? What media would you use for advertising (TV, press, magazines, outdoor posters, etc)? How do you decide which touse?

I would use print media (press, magazines, outdoor posters) since this is the best way to illustrate the message I am trying to give. TV might be considered for the future, but given the lowmarketing budget, this would be a low priority at the moment.

What is the message going to be and how is this going to influence the target group?

The message is one of adventure. Just like Londonis divided into zones (Zones 1-9), so is the Natural History Museum (Orange Zone, Blue Zone, Green Zone, and Red Zone). A clear question of “What Zone Will You Be In Today?” will give the readers asense of adventure knowing that they could easily transport themselves into each one at their desire and make new discoveries along the way, just like a researcher would. Londoners are familiar with thezones so the ad could be similar to a tube map and have the different exhibits (i.e. dinosaurs, birds, volcanoes) come out of the map in 3D. This will add a bit of excitement to something thatLondoners are familiar with and may find mundane.

Do you think that the proposed budget (£1.2 million) can be effectively deployed?

Given that the target group is large, I would say that the...
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