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|Zoho SSO Help |
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Zoho Single Sign-On (SSO) Help

This page will answer most of the frequently asked questions that new users have when they sign up with Zoho. Newbies interested in registering with Zoho can do so by either visiting a specificZoho service sign in page - say Writer ( or by directly going to the Zoho (Sign Up) page. Once the users are directed to any of these pages they have to click the "Sign Up" link and proceed by entering the sign in details required to set up an account with Zoho.

A typical Zoho sign-up page will look like the one below. Users need to provide username, email address, passwordto set up an account with Zoho.
Please refer to the list of sign up FAQs as mentioned below:
▪ What is Username ?
▪ What is Email ID ?
▪ What is Image Text ?
▪ I have sucessfully set up an account with Zoho but did not receive the confirmation mail. How do I resend it again to my Email Address ?
▪ I get an "Invalid Confirmation !" message when clicking on theconfirmation URL that was sent to my email address . What's wrong?
▪ I can't sign in to Zoho account even after entering details. What am I doing wrong?
▪ I have lost/forgotten my password for Zoho account. How do I reset it?
▪ I wish to change my password for Zoho account. How do I go about it ?
▪ I have already signed up with Zoho Writer. Do I need to sign up for other Zohoservices separately ?
▪ How to add new email address to Zoho account and make it as primary?
▪ How do I close my Zoho account?

Zoho Sign Up/Sign In using Google/Yahoo! IDs
As a first step towards opening up our services to the external world, users can now access Zoho using their Google/Yahoo! credentials. For accessing Zoho services users can visit Zoho main page-, and enter their Google or Yahoo! account details by clicking on the appropriate link present in the "Sign In" box at the top right corner. 

Please refer to the list of Google/Yahoo! sign up FAQs as mentioned below:
▪ Is it secure to access Zoho services using Google/Yahoo! sign-in credentials?
▪ Is my Google/Yahoo! password stored in Zoho?
▪ Why do I need to choose aZoho username when signing in with Google/Yahoo! credentials?
▪ I already have a Zoho account with my existing Google/Yahoo! email address. How will the Google/Yahoo! signin work in this scenario?
▪ If I log out from Zoho, will my Google/Yahoo! sessions also expire?
▪ Is there a way to import my Google/Yahoo! contacts to Zoho?
▪ Are my contacts automatically synced withGoogle/Yahoo! contacts?
▪ How do I link my existing Zoho account to Google/ Google Apps/ Yahoo! account?
▪ Can I access Zoho services using Google Apps account?
1. Is it secure to access Zoho services using Google/Yahoo! sign-in credentials?

Yes, its a secure sign-in. Also, users need not worry about security when accessing Zoho services using their Google / Yahoo! sign-in credentials....