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The Interaction of Renewable Quotas and Emission Trading
Jan Abrell Hannes Weigt

Dresden University of Technology Chair of Energy Economics and Public Sector Management
7th Conference onApplied Infrastructure Research 11.10.2008, Berlin

Europe in its 20s
205 means:

20% share of renewables in primary energy consumption (and 10% biofuels)

20% increase of energy efficiency20% reduction of CO2 (compared to 1990): -50-80% by 2050 - Current mindset: 450 ppm CO2e, ~ 400 ppm CO2 2020



1. Introduction 2. Model Description 3. Results 4.Conclusion Literature


European Emission Trading System
European Emission Trading System (EU ETS) started in 2005

Covers about 12.000 installations of energy producing and energy intensiveindustries

Classical cap-and-trade system:
- Set emission target - Allocate emission permit to installations - Allow trade of emission permits

Emission target: Reduction of 20% in 2020 (comparedto 1990)

Permit allocation: Mainly grandfathering but also auctions

Promotion of Renewable Energies
Renewable energies are supposed to have learning effects Thus, chicken and egg problemas well as social suboptimal investments Target: 20% renewable energy of primary energy consumption EU: 70s and 80s focused on support of research and development Since 90s focus on implementation:Quotas and tradable green certificates: apply market mechanisms, higher investment risk, potential lower learning effects for high cost RES Feed-In tariffs: allow a differentiated treatment of RES, morecostly, low investment risk

Source: EU, 2008

Overview of Instruments: Quotas or Tariffs, and supporting instruments
Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France GermanyHungary Italy Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovak Republic Sweden Spain United Kingdom

Support Policies
Feed-in tariffs, tax exemptions, investment incentives Obligatory targets and fallback...
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