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* What is the boy doing at the beginning of the story?
= was drawing alittle siren

* What does his mother asked him?
= what to wearn for the party, and what dressing hewant to use

* What does he answered?
= that he want to dressing like little sirven

* What’s his mother attitude?
= She was angry and said this dressing as not dressfor a boy.

* What’s his father attitude?
= take normal and said it wasgood

* What’s his father name?
= His name is Nestor

* What do they decide to do?
= go tothe doctor a psicologist

* What’s doctor’s point of view?
= That the boy was good and very inteligent last his tem side was more extence

* What’s the boy’s name?
=His name is Saul

* Does him mother change her attitude towards him? How?
= Yes, she put barbyes in the table and think that the boy is Homosexual.

* Does she acceptedthat something strange is happening to the boy?
= yes. She does

* Do you think the boy feelhappy?
= No i don’t Why? Because he wants to dress like litlee sirven and themother doesn’t want

* Who is he dressing like?
= No he isn’t, cause is not at the littles siren

* Give your point of view ypur own words (80 words at least) and tellme your own story.
= I think that the mom saw the whole problem of a very different way, hurry the things before investigating, it judged before seeing what was spending, andpenso that was gay, and I treat it as which, it vistio and he was buying him cossas of girl when alone queria to be like a fireman, it this one very badly because really not conociato his son, him pudó aver caused a ytrauma, because up to with psychologists it took it, I think that she is a very bad mother and to be everything what I think about his mother