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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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Preguntas Caso Sara Lee

1) In your opinión, to what consumers is destinated coffee powder for Italian coffee maker ( like moka) or american ( with filter)?

- In our opinion, the Italiancoffee powder is more consumed in Spain at home. And the American is more consumed at home in our country but in United States is usually consumed at home but also in the hostelery and publicestablishments.
Nowadays the target of coffee consumers is bigger than before because young people have started to consume it more. Also, people from 20 to 56 years old form this kind of target.2) The throwing of the coffee makers with capsules (like Nespresso) to what consumer is destinated?
The coffee makers with capsules are focused to all kind of target, such as: young people, busypeople, people who prefer to pay a little more because Nespresso offer to them more facilities than others offer, people who like to make their coffee at home and they want to choose they way of doingit, for example: Depend on the day they want to make a strong coffee, a long coffee and for this reason doing coffee is more comfortable and at the same time you can enjoy yourself.

3) Thestrategy of the brand Nespresso selling in their own shops or by internet what meaning has to have?

Our idea of this strategy is that selling the product in their own shops is a reference of prestigeand good position in the coffee industry. If Nespresso sold its capsules in the supermarkets probably the category of the product would decrease because it would be more accessible for the consumer.Furthermore, when the consumers go to the Nespresso shop they buy a huge pack of capsules so if all consumers do it; the enterprise is beneficiated with its earnings.

4) In your opinion, why, inthe last two years, it has extend so much the sells of capsules for Express coffee makers?

It has extended because every time it is consumed in more places like home, at work, in hotels, and...
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