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Six Sigma can have two contexts among which are:
• As a Methodology. It is a business strategy and continuous improvement that seeks to find and eliminate causes of errors or defects inthe process focused on the variables critical to consumers.
• As a Metric. It is a measure of quality. The larger the value of sigma of a process, product or service, its quality is better. Inparticular, Six Sigma quality means only 3.4 defects per million opportunities.


The six sigma system is used by businesses to improve their quality management programs. The goal with sixsigma is to reduce the number of defects created by a company. A defect can be a product with physical faults, or it can also be a poor service provided to a customer. The goal is to reduce errors in theend product that the company produces, whether it's a product or service.

Process Improvement

The six sigma system emphasizes process improvement. To improve the process, there are five steps.1. It starts with identifying the problem that is causing the defect.

2. The team then produces the product using steps they feel can reduce their errors.

3. The third step is toanalyze if the process reduced the number of defects.

4. The fourth step is to develop further suggestions for improving the process.

Benefits of Implementing Six Sigma

There are three keybenefits to implementing the six sigma quality control process in a business.

1. The first is the ability to save money. By doing a project correctly, there is less wasted supplies and labor cost.Locating an error in time to correct it before the process is completed saves money as well.

2. The second is time management. By implementing the six sigma process, you can avoid working on aproduct or service using flawed components created early in the process. Instead, you catch these errors and correct it, therefore eliminating the need to start over completely after the product is...
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