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  • Publicado : 31 de agosto de 2012
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University of Colima
School of Tourism
Human Capital Management

Workplace Conflict

Mirna Viviana Corona
Claudia Camacho Saldaña
María Soledad García Chávez

WORKPLACE CONFLICTIn this essay we’ll talking about the Workplace Conflict, and the three different situations that you have present in your work, and which is the best form the solve any problem that you haveinside work, this essay is present in different points, the first point present the one situations in where you fellow worker appears yelling and making demands a project and explain that is don’t formscorrect the demands this project, after the second point is present other situations where you manager touch you and which is the best form for talking about this, and the three point present thesituation where your manager I don’t take into account your opinions and explain which is the best form for talking this with your manager and finally our conclusions.
The first situation I can seewhen a men coming to the office the girl and only yelling for I don’t have the project and the girl also yelling and this is bad, in the work you I don’t have this because I have communication with theother employees and you have solve the problem talking in the proper way, because when you demands anything the bad form, with the time the problem is grows and the work in the company is not good.The second situations I can see when the manager touch a your employer and the girl I don’t like this but the girl saying nothing, and for other part the situation I can see when the girl talking aboutthis with your manager I saying a him that I don’t like your form the touch, and the manager only apologizes for your attitude to her, this is the form correct for solve this problem, is importanttalking about the things that don’t like with the manager, must be respect with the employees, because you cannot felling good working in the company.
The three point present when you manager I don’t...
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