Mes de la patria de panama en ingles

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1. Why do we call November the country’s month?
It is the month of independence of Panama. Four of the most important days in the history of Panama fall in November. On 3 November isthe day of the separation of Panama from Colombia on November 4 was designated Flag Day on 10 November is the day of the louder de la Independence in the Villa de los Santos and finally 28 Novemberis the day of independence from Spain.

2. What is celebrate on November 3rd, 4th bond they also each day importance to us a free?
The November 3rd is a date celebrated throughout the Panamaniannation to commemorate the day when Panama became a republic to secede from Colombia.
History of Separation
several were the causes that led to the desire for separation of Panama from Colombia onNovember 3, 1903. On the one hand, the neglect of the Isthmus Colombia maintained throughout the nineteenth century led to frustration among many Panamanians.
The flag of the Republic of Panama is thebest known and most important national symbols of the Republic of Panama. It consists of a rectangle divided into four quarters: the upper left is a five-pointed blue star on white background; theupper right is red, the bottom left is blue, and the lower right is a five-pointed red star on white background.
As part of the celebration of national holidays, each November 4th will be held inPanama on Flag Day, a national holiday. On the occasion of this great celebration was held commemorative events such as parades and ceremonies, which pays tribute to the flag.

3. Why do Panamanianscelebrate November 10ih/ 28th and is what year this took place?
The Republic of Panama celebrates November 10 as the heroic day proclaiming the First Cry of Independence in the Villa de Los Santosoccurred in 1821. The popular uprising against the Spanish colonial government in La Villa de Los Santos in the province of Los Santos was led by Rufina Alfaro, although historically not fully verified...
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