Messages from the water (japan)

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2009
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I’m going to talk about the important of the water in our lives and how the scientist called Dr. Masaru Emoto study water for many years and wrote a bookcalled “Messages from Water” and said that are different water crystals. I think that’s a good idea to give us this message, because everybody have to makeconciencious about the big problem that we are passing and he example that we are giving for the new generation.

Dr. Masaru Emoto said: “If snow hascrystals, then water should too, when it’s frozen”, this is one of his theories, and he wanted to prove that it’s true. First, he didn’t get the results thathe expected, then with the help of Mr. Ishibashi who shot the actual photographs. They collect water and then examinate them in the laboratory; they canshow us many kinds of water crystals for many places in the world such as Sanbuichi Yusui Springs from Japan, ice from the Antarctic, Shimanto River(Japan), Groundwater from the Northern Island Of New Zealand, Fountain of Lourdes in France, etc.

There’s not doubt that Dr. Masaru Emoto want to show us thatare many factors such as weather, location, etc; because if that factors doesn’t exist, different kind of water crystals wouldn’t exist, too. That’sbecause our world has a big biodiversity, and we have to know the world that we are living, also by reducing problems such as global warming or lack of water.In conclusion, I think that the work that he did, in the future, can help in some areas of environmental sciences and make us easy the study of water.
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