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National School Nicolas Esguerra
English Area

The Heavy Metal

The heavy metal is characterized by rhythms powerful, mostly raw and aggressive, achieved through the useof guitars distorted stylish, batteries with dual pedals and basses pronounced. The heavy metal, among the many characteristics that make complex as a musical genre, is characterized by figurative riffs of guitar,complex, powerful and full of energy, achieved by using high distortion of guitars and occasional bass, and above all, own importance in the guitar solos, fast and full of energy, within whichenforcement is sought "the largest possible number of notes within the given tempo," looking for a rough melody and related high, which contributes to the speed and the roughness of the sound itself. The heavymetal is one of the genres from rock and roll more spread around the world, having great music scenes in Europe , United States , Latin America and Asia (especially Japan ).
The term heavymetal, because the progression that has undergone since its inception, is now used to refer to two different concepts: heavy metal (or simply metal) as a musical genre , which would fit the different subgenresemerged from the classic side ( speed metal, thrash metal, power metal, death metal, black metal, etc.), and heavy metal (or "heavy metal classic") and musical subgenre , corresponding to groups thatfollow the more classical side.

Metallica is a heavy metal band originating in the USA. Founded in 1981 in Los Angeles by Danish Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, who would join them and Ron McGovneyLloyd Grant.These two musicians were later replaced by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Cliff Burton, respectively. Mustaine was fired a year after joining the band due to his excessive addictionto drugs and alcohol, and founded the band Megadeth and was replaced by Kirk Hammett.Moreover, in 1986, the death of Cliff Burton in a bus accident in Sweden brought out to the group of Jason...
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