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We hope that you enjoy your MetaCal® body fat caliper. MetaCal® calipers are designed for individuals and trainers alike. Its simplicityallows you to take a simple 3-site test to help determine body fat. You may use the enclosed chart to get your body fat % or use the TONUS® Body Mass Calculator from Sequoia Fitness Products USA formore detailed results. Note: If you are obese and have di culty grabbing a skinfold, it is recommended to use the Navy tape measure method available on www.sequoia If you arefamiliar with body fat testing, there are only 4 simple steps: 1) Pinch your skinfold on the right side of your body with your left hand 2) Use the caliper with your right hand, with your thumb on thePRESS button 3) Align the arrows on the caliper arms and read the mm marking on the caliper 4) Measure 3 sites and check the chart where age and mm (sum of 3 tests) meet

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First, get familiar with the MetaCal: a Hold it in your right hand b. Place your thumb on the left side of the MetaCal®, next to PRESS c. Squeeze the arms together until thetips touch one another d. Align the two arrows together – the unit will read 0 mm Note that all skinfold measurements are taken on the right side of the body, and standing upright and relaxed. Youwill be taking a skinfold measurement at each of 3 sites – di erent for men and women – as described below. Place the caliper in your right hand. With your ngers about 2-3 inches apart, gently grasp therst skinfold with the thumb and index nger of your left hand. Then pull the skinfold away from your body. With your right hand, place caliper tips over the skinfold 1 cm (about 1/2 inch) away fromthumb and nger, perpendicular to the skinfold. The caliper heads should be halfway between crest (outermost part) and base of fold (closest to the body). Gently begin to apply caliper pressure. Keep...
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