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Metallica: A story of success
Metallica, is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California which has been playing this type of music since 1981, it’s been 28 years of successes and somehard times such as members leaving the band and legal problems with people getting their music for free. This is why this essay will describe the band’s history from the very beginning.
It all began in1981 with a boy named Lars Ulrich, who was a fan of heavy metal music. He decided to create his own band and recruited his friends James, Ron and Dave. Having the band formed, the only thing they weremissing was a name, so they decided to call it “Metallica”, all songs they played were written by Lars, James or Dave. Without having defined a personal style, they decided to play as fast as theycould, resulting on a mixture of heavy metal and hardcore punk music. This same year they recorded their first demo “No Life Till Leather”.
By the year of 1983, problems among them started to show up;Ron was dumped from the band and was replaced by Cliff Burton. A short time later, they decided to dump Dave as well, due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs, he was replaced by Kirk Hammett. Afterproblems had been solved, they released their first album “Kill ‘Em All”. By 1984 they released “Ride the lightning”, by 1986 they went on their first tour which gave their album “Master of Puppets” aplace in the Top 30 album chart, they went on another tour to promote their album, however the tour bus crashed and Cliff Burton died in September 27th, 1986. Not giving their dream up, they brought anew bassist, Jason Newsted. Two years later Metallica released “…And Justice for All” album which was placed on the Top 10 at USA. This was a very important album, for it had one of their most famoussongs “One” which gave them a Grammy Award.
Since then, they released other albums which gave them more Grammy Awards and everything seemed to be going perfect for the band… yet they were going to...
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