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  • Publicado : 20 de diciembre de 2010
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Vista previa del texto this is the end my friends...
I mean, not of Metallica or anything like that, uh-uh... as James Hetfield himself said at the conclusion of tonight's World Magnetic tour at the Rod Laver Arenain Melbourne, Australia, 'we'll be coming back quite a few more times', the end my friends of a tour which has taken in 215 shows over 992 days in 45 different countries.
The end of an end ofa tour which saw Metallica go to Australia thrice times such was the demand (I mean, what was it? 16 shows that those lovely, mad antipodean bastards drank up like the finest champagne in comfy beerbottles?) .
The end of a tour which (for me) saw this band rediscover it's true heart and soul.
The end of a tour which saw these four men grow up a whole lot more than ever before.

It's the firsttime I've seen a tour end where everyone in the band hadn't grown tired of each other.
No fights.
No major grumbles.
No passive-aggressive games.
Just four men who were genuinely enjoying everynight they brought this music to you, and furthermore, genuinely enjoying their own beautiful, harmonious chemistry.

There is obviously a physical relief that their bodies will get some rest, somerecuperation beyond two weeks.
But equally, there is the gnawing sense that this...this...well, 'this was fun and shit, we're gonna miss it quicker than we know.'
Because to me, Lars, James, Kirkand Rob plugged into performances that were often transcendent in terms of realizing another level to which this band can go as artists and performers. And as such, there has grown an enormous comfortin the knowledge that their re-birth at the start of 'Death Magnetic' has flourished into a whole new life.

These shows (this tour) has seen Metallica play unencumbered by the sorts ofperformance worries and stresses that multi-platinum bands often get back-ache from. They've played with the spirit of kids again, and because they've been having fun and not sweating the details, the details...
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