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Metamorphosis: Reading Report 3

Gregor felt bad, because his family always saw him as an enemy, only by his bizarre appearance, he could watch them at night, from a small opening in your room. Herealized that he family situation was not as before, his mother now worked, like his sister, who was also studying for a better future. His father never took off his work uniform, as to be alwaysready when his boss called, also he always slept on the table, to save time when call him. His mother and sister took him to his room. Nobody understood the pain that Gregor felt to see the situationthat his family was going through his fault, besides the wound in his back that would not let him move well.
After a few days, Gregor was feeling depressed to stay all day locked in his room, hethought of going to the pantry for food, but there was nothing he liked. His sister did not care much for cleaning his room and that angered him more, he remembered the times that he worked and took care ofhis family, he remembered his boss and colleagues. When the employee returned to help around the house, accidentally opened Gregor’s door, but she was not surprised to see him, but occasionally shecalled him to chase him around the room.
Gregor ate, but the food did not like, chewing and spitting. His parents got into the house three tenants and his life became a prison still large. Everyoneate in the living room except him. The tenants listened in his room and asked why he did not accompany them. His sister started playing the violin, Gregor tried to leave his room, all dirty and dusty,but nobody paid attention. The tenants are clueless and they do not paid attention to Gregor’s sister. Gregor wanted to attack those people who were hurting his sister. When the tenants saw Gregor,and did not care more violin recital, his father ran and drove Gregor in his room. Tenants asked for an explanation and they did not get a logical explanation, canceled rooms. His father was very...
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