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The Moor of Venice

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Othello, The Moor of Venice

Othello is one of the most important dramatic and tragedy work written by William Shakespeare (the most important writer from MiddleEnglish). This story takes place in Venice, where Othello, a noble Moor of Venice service and the daughter of Brabantio, Desdemona get married in secret and without the permission of her father, who was aracist man and refuses to the marriage of his daughter with the moor, accusing Othello of bewitched her. In addition, this book describes how the power of love breaks with the existing racism at thattime, and how this makes that Othello was distrust to bring unjustified jealousy in his heart. This tragedy also reveals the concern of William Shakespeare about human dark emotions, since a loyalservant called Iago, hides his darkest feelings, capable of destroying lives, no matter the consequences. That is why this book is a vivid reference to the human tragedy.
The love in this workis marked by the relationship between Othello and Desdemona. She argues that she had been enchanted with his adventures and his experiences in life and war, and he says to love her because of hercompassion. Desdemona says to be totally in love with Othello and because of this she had to face her father, who comes to accept their marriage. After this conversation, the Duke orders Othello togo to Cyprus to fight the Turks, with Desdemona to follow, accompanied by his loyal friend Iago and his wife Emily; here is where Cassio appears (his lieutenant) and the insidious Iago, his loyalfriend and second lieutenant. The Moor respects the orders and travelled at dawn of the following day. Iago travelled with his wife Emily and Desdemona, as Othello had given him his dear wife to look...
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