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  • Publicado : 2 de diciembre de 2011
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Research Methods Literature Review
By: Arnesia Davis
Do Tattoos Correlate with Unemployment?
I am choosing to conduct this research, because I wanted to connect a real life situation withanother real life problem, to see if my hypothesis falls within a correlation. I will do so by researching the following: Are people with Tattoos and piercings more likely to fail courses than individualswithout them? The hypothesis I would hope for my research to prove is that people with Tattoos are shown a type of prejudice at first glance, however, depending on the character of the individual orthe biological genetics, is when great-outstanding work ethic shows or comes into play. In other terms, are we truly judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin? In ordernot to have bias shown, I will conduct an online research survey through via and let any and everyone who is listed as a friend have the opportunity to give their thoughts and input on thesituation. Interestingly, since this form of research instrument is not completely random, I will then go into the Field. Inside the Wiley Colleges cafeteria, and then ask every 20th person exitingto take a quick survey dealing with this topic. The survey questions have not been conducted at this point in time. However, I would like to conduct or produce straight forward questions, which willget right to the point. So that the people kind enough to take the survey I am conducting won’t feel boggled down with questions they feel are to personal or unnecessary for that matter. That beingsaid, the questions will be presented in Part II of this project. I hope that anyone who participates or examines the research I will be conducting, will be interested, and find this topicfascinating! Truly, because it ties a social dysfunction with another dysfunction of the society, which comes to the question, why are we in a low income economic crisis? Do Tattoos and Piercings have...